An Exploration of Spirit

Understanding Spirit and the spiritual world is not about words; it’s about experience. For example, you cannot understand love by talking about; you have to experience it. Likewise, you cannot learn to swim by listening to someone talk about the experience of being in the water. You must get in the water yourself and experience that feeling. It’s the same with jumping out of an airplane. No matter how many times you try to explain the feeling of skydiving, others will not be able to adequately relate to the experience of free falling through the air without any connection to the earth unless they actually do it themselves.

Someone just has to go through the experience; then they know. It’s the same with the exploration of Spirit. Exploring Spirit is a challenging journey. You must open your mind to unlimited possibilities and reality so you can experience your intuition, creativity, and imagination.

Limitations of Mind and Language

Understanding these concepts can be challenging, because our mind often gets in the way. The mind is very stubborn and has many strategies for preventing you from shifting your way of thinking. Our culture also makes change very difficult. It’s like driving a car where you have to go through neutral to shift gears. You cannot use your rational mind to understand the invisible aspect of your being. It’s like dreaming or jumping out of a plane or falling in love. There is no GPS for the spiritual world; you have to experience it yourself. We cannot use finite language to describe the infinite world of Spirit, or use limited language to describe mystery. Some aspects of reality are beyond words. Physicists have run into the limitations of language to describe the infinite, interrelated motion of the energy field.

Using a Tour Guide

In many spiritual practices, the master returns from the spiritual world to share his or her experiences. Many religions and spiritual leaders talk about the spiritual path. Each one tries to lead their followers along a different path with different language. They are like tourist guides to help you experience what’s right for you. However, if you follow a tourist guide, will you really see the essence or Spirit of one of the world’s greatest cities, or will you only see what is being shown to you?

Virtually all religions tell us “the answer is always within” and “you hold the key”. At the spiritual level, you have the password to access this aspect of who you are. You have to make the choice to turn on the ability. Through your genetic code, you have access to the wisdom of being part of the earth for millions of years. Getting to the Spirit level of metabolism function is not an intellectual exercise—it’s a journey of the Heart only you can take. No one can take it for you, and you cannot take it for someone else. If  you really want to understand the truths of the Universe, do not get stuck in the ego.

Text excerpted from Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Healthy Metabolism Function.

Continue Exploring!

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