Ask Grand Master Nan Lu: What is the Role of the Mind?

Question: I’ve read a lot about mind, body, and spirit. What is the true role of the mind? What is the mind’s connection to the body and the spirit?


On a tangible, physical level, we use our minds to think and process information every day. But the mind also relates to your “inner vision”. The mind shows itself through emotions. These energetic frequencies play over and over again on our faces.

One of our beliefs is that the mind is the most important aspect of our daily lives. It appears to direct our activities and move us through space and time. Ideally, the mind should function cooperatively with the intuitive mind and serve the needs of the body and spirit. However, the mind often insists on being the leader. The mind and body seem to be welded together, without ample room for spirit.

The human mind has been built up in this lifetime over a handful of decades through cultural conditioning. But the body contains DNA, which carries your genetic code. This connects you to your ancestors and this earth for thousands of years through many lifetimes. Your body can draw on the wisdom of its genetic code at any time. That answer is always within you. Now look at your spirit. Your spirit connects to the infinite Qi of the Universe through the body’s meridian network.

The body and spirit have a far closer relationship than the mind and body. Although it is a powerful, persuasive energetic force, the mind is only a bridge between the body and the spirit.

If we can see the mind as a bridge, we can look at our lives from a different angle. Today, everyone is under stress. As the world speeds up, we take on an overwhelming amount of commitment and responsibility. We wear multiple masks daily, making it difficult to moderate our own minds and emotions. Societally and culturally, we are often forced to control or suppress our emotions, which can have a harmful effect on our organ systems. Our minds and emotions directly impact our physical and emotional health.

We often try to control health through medication or special diets. We go to the gym for high-intensity workouts or run for miles and miles. In short, we focus on external outlets to shield us from illness and disease. Rarely do we look inward to understand the importance of internal peace, as well as to cultivate healthy relationships with the world around us. But true change—and real healing—comes from a place of balance. Finding and creating harmony of body, mind, and spirit is essential to lasting health. The wisdom to heal is within each and every person. The answers you are looking for are always found within.

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