Illness and Disease: Effects of Deeper Causes: Part 2

In Part 1 of this three-part blog post, we looked at the connection between mind, body, and spirit in creating imbalances that show on the body. Let’s shift our view a bit and discover the three-concept shortcut to achieve healing.

Conditions are energy. They exist to let us know life itself has swung out of balance. There could be a thousand reasons for this; each reason is specific to each person. Because life is out of balance, emotions have also become out of balance. Remember, everything is energy. Emotions are powerful energetic vibrations. If this situation goes on long enough or is severe enough, illness or disease will manifest at the physical level. You may now understand the cause of the condition. But how do you fix it? If we only focus on the imbalances in our life and the resulting physical or emotional effects, we carry a heaviness around with us. It’s overwhelming to deal with life situations while also trying to resolve disease and illness. But healing must start from the top down. And there’s a shortcut: love, oneness, and the belief that there are no accidents.

Concept 1:

Love is inside of you. It’s always been there. Can you discover this love and bring it up to the surface? How much do you truly love yourself?

Concept 2:

There is only oneness and everything is connected. Every event is connected to every other event in the dynamic web of infinite patterns. In the same way, you are connected to the unconditional love, compassion, and acceptance of the Universe.

Concept 3:

At the spiritual level, there are no accidents. If you believe that there are no accidents and everything has purpose, you are already connected to the unlimited power of the Universe.

An understanding of these concepts allows you to look at life from an entirely new perspective. You were not born to suffer. Your love is not destined to connect to pain. It is meant to connect to the joy of knowing you are unique and the Universe would not be the same without you. You were not meant to have a life of discomfort. You are supported by the Universe’s unconditional love. Deep down, your spirit wants to achieve better health and a better life. Through the processing of an event in the energy field, which we can call disease or illness, you have the opportunity to discover your unbreakable connection to this unconditional love.

The Intelligence and Creativity of Qi

When we change our angle or view, we see things differently. Energy is not just power or force. It also has intelligence and creativity. For example, a musician may play a violin, an artist may work with a paintbrush, and a sculptor may chisel a block of marble. All of these materials are vehicles for the musician to express emotion and creativity. Like any one of these artists, each one of us are energy artists. As energy beings, you use your creativity for a unique purpose. Your message is behind, or hidden in, your work. Only you know what the message is.

Behind every condition, illness, or disease is an expression of spirit. No matter what health conditions you have, they confirm your spirit is still pursuing its vision of creativity. Through it, your power is still here. You can use unconditional love in whatever way you want to create this energy event. However, when you recognize that you want to change, you can choose a different path to achieve your spirit’s purpose in this reality.

Excerpted from Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Healthy Metabolism Function.

This is Part 2 of a three-part series. Join us next Tuesday to learn more.