Words of Wisdom: Seeing Beyond the Visible

There are things in life that we take for granted. These are typically events we experience regularly. We’ve become accustomed—or patterned—to live alongside them, so much so that they’ve become regular occurrences in our lives, whether we can visibly see them or not. For example, the sun will always rise in the morning and set in the evening. The times of those events may change from day to day, but even with a background of tumultuous weather, sunrise and sunset are constants we can rely on. Likewise, the moon will pass through eight phases every month. Sometimes the moon will be hidden behind clouds. Other days it will be in “new moon” phase and invisible to the eye, unless it coincides with a solar eclipse. Still, we have trust and faith that the moon is there, and will complete its full cycle.

There are many other certainties in our lives. We know that winter weather is generally colder than summer weather, and spring and fall are the transitional seasons with mild climates. Farmers plan their harvests around these cyclical constants. Your body is a constant, too. It will always work to reach an optimal state of health. Invisibly, your Qi flows through an energetic network of meridians. When Qi flows freely, you experience good health. But when Qi is blocked and can’t flow, you may feel aches and pains, or develop symptoms consistent with illness or dis-ease. Here, we see how invisible Qi flow impacts our bodies on the visible, or physical, level.

Everything you see, feel, or experience happens first on the invisible level. Physical responses, or visible symptoms, are the body’s way of relaying a message that something is energetically out of balance. What is your body telling you? What’s happening underneath?

Learn how to see beyond the visible level through Qigong practice.

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