Women are incredibly powerful. They can create life! But creating life is more than giving birth. In Chinese medicine, Universal Qi combines with Earth Qi to create a human being. Using this definition, we are children of our parents, but also children of the Universe.

Nature has accepted and trusted women to nurture her babies. That’s powerful. Nurturing life is the most important gift in women’s health. It’s also the key to unlocking your potential. Many people have trouble conceiving and holding a pregnancy. All of the wisdom inherent in nurturing life is connected to love, cooperation, consciousness processing and creativity.

1. Love:

Without love, there is no life. There are many types of love: Nature’s love, Universal love, and human love. The depth of life contains the information, blessing, and consciousness of love.

2. Cooperation:

In order to bring a pregnancy to term, you need the full cooperation of your energetic body. The Liver must cooperate with your reproductive system and your Kidney. These energetic systems need to communicate and cooperate to not only conceive, but to hold a baby to full term.

3. Consciousness Processing:

Pregnancy is a time of processing. A woman’s body must know how to nurture and transform energy consciousness to the baby. When a pregnant mother eats, the food transforms into messages that are delivered to the baby. The baby relies on the mother. If food is eaten with love, the baby receives a message of health and love. For example, if a mother eats a lot of peanuts during her pregnancy, through her love she is processing this consciousness so the baby learns not to develop an allergy. This consciousness carries into other areas as well. Listening to classical music and visiting beautiful places sends that consciousness to the unborn baby.

4. Creativity:

A woman’s creativity is life creativity. From inside out, from nothing becomes something. The invisible becomes visible. Your invisible Qi is energy. How does it visibly manifest in different areas of your life? Once you can transform invisible to visible, you can apply this power to any area of life. Creation is based on love.


These four areas make women so unique and so powerful. Can you see the love? Look at your physical features and compare them to your parents. Once you connect to this human love and Universal love, you will understand what you receive from this Universe and the gifts that make you unique.


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2 Responses to Women’s Health: Creating Qi Life
  1. To summarize, it seems the four areas that make women so unique and powerful largely have to do with childbearing, especially successfully giving birth. Yet Master Lu teaches that a woman’s power and creativity aren’t confined to childbearing.

    “This gift is not limited to childbearing. It’s so important to see this as a free gift and the unconditional love from the Universe. Open up to a much larger concept without getting stuck in other things. Don’t look at just one thing—I don’t have children. Look into your life and see where you have used this power, otherwise you will always feel regret. Maybe there are many different reasons why. There are no accidents. In this life, you are willing to take another path and meet a different kind of challenge. The entire world of creativity is up to you.”


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