Flow Freely!

Your Heart is your ultimate guiding source. Like the conductor of an orchestra, the Heart plays a beautiful symphony when all organs communicate in harmony. Energetically, the Heart’s duty is to remain peaceful and rely on the other organs to maintain balance. The Heart is also associated with joy and love! These emotions support the creativity that happens when the Heart’s energy is open and free-flowing.

Here are a few tips to help your Heart Qi flow freely:

  1. Laugh! Often, we go through life like we’re on a mission. We check things off our lists but forget to stop and smell the roses along the way. Find what makes your Heart sing. A good laugh will stimulate your entire being.


  1. Relax! Ah, summer. A time to kick your feet up and soak in all of Summer’s glory. Let Nature’s happiest season infuse within you as the warm air and the ocean spray washes away all worries and sorrow.


  1. Lighten up! Don’t take yourself so seriously. Find opportunities to play and be silly. Follow your Heart’s lead and enjoy life!


Find what makes you smile! What is your source of limitless joy?