Hail to the Cooling Cucumber

At Summer barbecues, grilled meat often takes center stage. But after eating a heavy meal on a hot, muggy day, you long for something to cool down your palate. Cucumber salad makes the perfect side dish.

Cucumbers are technically a fruit, as they grow from a flower and contain seeds. Although they come in many varieties–long and skinny with few seeds, pudgy and filled with seeds and even yellow and circular, cucumbers have been grown for thousands of years. In ancient times, people enjoyed cucumbers in the hot summertime. And it’s no wonder why. Whether eaten raw, pickled, or tossed in a salad with vinegar, cucumbers (along with watermelon) are Nature’s cure to Summer heat.

With its hydrating essence, cucumbers cool the body and support Lung function. When paired with vinegar in a salad, the Liver is also supported. This humble fruit is also a great food to help cleanse the digestive system and aid in weight loss. Try adding a few cucumber slices to room temperature (not ice cold) water to perk it up!

As healthy and energetically powerful as they are, cucumbers are also very tasty. Try out these recipes at your next summertime barbecue!