Finding Perfection in the Moment

Have you ever awoken at the beach, bright and early, and tiptoed barefoot down to the wet sand? And as you stood at the water’s edge, before the day had actually risen, you watched the entire world start to awaken. You began to hear different sounds and see different sights as candy colors stretched across the newly lit sky. As you looked out on the horizon, you saw birds flocking together, yelling at each other at times, trying to get the best catch. You saw shells, some newly opened, some with life still in them. You tossed those shells back, giving the creatures a second chance to make their way.

Waves crashed upon the shore—silent at times, fiercely loud at others. Salty water splashed up your legs and soaked the bottom of your pants, but you kept walking. You collected treasures as the rising sun lit your path. You began to see what lie right at your feet—what you didn’t notice just mere moments before: half of a sand dollar, a broken shell and then a perfect one, sea glass, crab legs, another broken shell.

A runner ran past and you kept on walking, head down, admiring those beautiful shells—those gifts from the sea—until your gaze turned upward. It’s then you noticed that Nature’s canvas painted the sky in its entirety. Pink turned into purple, then purple into blue. The orange of the sunset began to fade into the warmth of the day, and you felt embraced by everything around you. Little birds left their footprints. People left their mark. The world continued for yet another day, with waves lapping at the shore.

What gifts will unfold today? What treasures will you find? Can you find perfection in the broken shells that wash up at your feet? Do you take the time to bend down and throw back the shell that still has an animal inside, hoping it’ll make it, yet knowing it may not? What is your path today? What is your journey? Take time today and every day, to see, smell, touch, taste, and listen. Allow your inner noise to slow to simple, soothing music as you embrace the magnificent world around you.




Practice with Grand Master Lu!

The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth is an important component to our healing programs. Allow your Qi to flow freely and build yourself, one step at a time. Practice this standing meditation with Grand Master Lu. Hold the posture for three minutes at first, and continue to add one minute daily until you’ve reached 30 minutes. You can do it!

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Hear from medical doctors who were drawn to study Chinese medicine including Qigong practice. Understand why and what results they received. They’ll discuss how they see it being used in integrative medicine, with patient and doctor creating a team effort to develop complementary wellness plans alongside conventional medicine. Open to Q&A after discussion. Register