As times change and lifestyles shift, we’re called to make changes that are physically and emotionally unfamiliar. Our bodies automatically go into high gear and use internal resources to help us adjust. The Fall Prevention Program will help you build energy, create inner balance and build higher levels of immunity. The ancient system of healing believes that a body in balance has the know-how to defend itself against illness.

Prevention doesn’t just happen—it requires time and effort. You’re worth it!

Why Now?

We’re entering the Fall season when many people experience Lung and Large Intestine issues. This is because the energetic frequency of the Lung/Large Intestine aligns closely with the Fall season. Taking action to enhance your energy body now will help you defend against viruses and colds.


Yes, I want to take this journey.


What You'll Experience

Stimulating Calls

  • September 13, 10:00 am (EDT) Kick off the week with a live conference call with Grand Master Nan Lu: Creating Balance for Better Health
  • September 23, 7:00 pm (EDT) Close the week with a live call with Grand Master Nan Lu: Discussing Outcomes and Your Next Steps
Wu Ming Qigong

Virtually practice specific Qigong postures with Grand Master Nan Lu that enable your body to deeply relax. He has distilled the spirit of this ancient discipline into a series of simple yet profound movements that connect you to the cyclical nature of the seasons and foster balance and harmony from the inside-out.

Special Group Practice for the Equinox! Tuesday, September 22, at 9:30 am (EDT)

Healthy Eating

We combine foods to create a meal that’s not only delicious, but carries a particular healing essence. Past participants report that our recipes and various cooking videos have taught them how to cook in a whole new way that’s fun and easy. If cooking is not your thing, simply order out using our selected list of foods.

Herbal Supplement

Cultures around the world have used herbs to naturally support the body for thousands of years. The Fall Prevention Program includes the supplement 555, which has been selected for its ability to draw out pathogens “hiding” in the Stomach, as well as Cold Prevention Tea, our proprietary formula that helps the body defend against viruses and colds.

There's More!

Facebook Forum

Part of the healing power of this program lies in the connections you make with hundreds of other participants. Share thoughts, inspirations, struggles and questions on the program’s Facebook forum. If you need help, our staff is ready to respond.


Seasonal shifts are powerful opportunities to tune-up the body. Join us!


Fee: $99.00

Herbs: $66.00 (discounted from $80 for program participants only)

Herbal supplements are optional, but highly recommended for additional support.

“Information is invisible. Why do you think Nature changes seasons? Why do tree leaves have to fall? Why do they have to change color? All of this wisdom is part of Nature. You are part of Nature. Therefore knowing how to release and transform is part of you, too. Are you willing to step into the whole processing? If you agree that you are part of the Universe, that you are a child of the Universe, why not be part of this energy? How beautiful it is!”

–Grand Master Nan Lu



This is a virtual program, therefore all materials are available online only. Participants may call via their phones or access the calls via a web browser. Information about these calls will be available on your private web pages.

When will I receive the program materials?

Here’s how it works:

  • When you register, you will receive a confirmation email with program details.
  • On September 11, you will receive a suggested shopping list via e-mail and access to the Facebook forum.
  • On September 12, you will be able to access all program materials.
  • The program officially launches September 13 with Grand Master Lu’s first call.