Finding Year-Long Emotional Balance

In our various relationships, we are usually aware of our own emotional well-being and that of those around us. Most of us would agree that we would like to lead harmonious, balanced emotional lives. However, things often happen, causing us to fall out of balance. So how can we regain “the flow”?  What does each season teach us about emotional well-being that we can use all year round?

Each season has keynote emotions that present us with the opportunity to cultivate greater emotional harmony. In the Spring it is anger (robust, rising energy) which asks us to balance it with gentleness. As Early Summer nears, we tone down our exuberant joy by entering into the peacefulness of the spirit. We calm Late Summer’s worry and overthinking with trust and faith. We balance the sadness of “letting go” in Autumn with deep understanding and acceptance. And finally, we relieve the “fear” of the Winter season with kindness and benevolence.  We can find ways to cultivate emotional healing in any season, at any time.

We are now transitioning from Late Spring into Summer. The organ system “in charge” in Spring is the Liver, which tips its hat to the Heart in Summer and then to the Spleen/Stomach in Late Summer. Energetically, the Liver is responsible for maintaining the body’s smooth flow of emotions. However, the Liver is deeply impacted by stress. When a person is under continual stress, the Liver cannot properly support the Heart. Maintaining peacefulness and calm in Late Spring helps us to make a smooth transition into the joyful heat of Summer.

In addition to its physiological function of pumping blood throughout the body, the Heart houses your Spirit, or Shen. The Heart is energetically responsible, along with your Liver, for controlling blood circulation. Blood moistens and nourishes your entire body, but it also is the material basis for all mental activity. Normal mental activity is reliant on sufficient blood and proper blood circulation. If the Heart does not have enough energy or blood, you may feel uneasy, restless, or experience mental cloudiness and an elusive memory. Without a strong, balanced Heart, these key aspects of consciousness can become dull.

So as we transition into Summer, make joy and happiness your primary objective. Smile at yourself in the mirror and at those around you. Find joy in the little things in life. And little-by-little, let go of the stress and worry that consumes you.