The Body’s Powerful Energy Network: Meridians

What are meridians? Do they really exist?

Because meridians are invisible, they connect to the outside and the inside of the body. This connection allows the body to have life.

You have a visible, physical body. Can you imagine you also have another entire body that’s merged behind your physical body? This energy body is made up of invisible meridians. Your energy—or Qi—runs through your meridians. All of the things your physical body shows is based on the health and function of your meridians.

In the body, meridians are the life network, the energy network, the information network. These invisible pathways allow your physical body to connect to Nature and to the Universe—to all invisible information. They connect to all of our organ systems, allowing them to communicate and function harmoniously.

Meridians only exist on a living body. When you pass away, your physical body will still be there but your meridians will disappear. Chinese medicine differentiates life and death by energy. Your Spirit takes your meridians out of your body. But even though they don’t exist in the body, they still exist in the Universe. Your story can still be accessed, even after you are gone.

Ancient Masters

In ancient times, masters gave students exercises to help Qi to flow through the meridians, and to help stimulate the meridians to become more sensitive. People who could do this would be able to develop psychic abilities. All of the famous doctors were Qigong masters and had developed a special way to understand the meridians. These Qigong masters discovered themselves through the meridians, and used their own bodies as a mural to understand their patients.

Meridians can help you discover who you are, where you are, why you are, and when you are. Use this network to discover yourself and to connect to everything around you.


Grand Master Lu Talks About Meridians

Listen to Grand Master Lu’s talk on the body’s incredible energy network of meridians.

Then think about this: When energy is strong enough, matter can change. That means your Qi and your physical conditions are interchangeable. How can you reach that level?

Go beyond:

  • As an energy practitioner, how can you discover yourself through the meridians? How can you use yourself as a mural to better understand your patients?
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