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Dragon’s Way Qigong® New Session – April 18th

Immerse yourself in this comprehensive program and be guided to clean-up your internal environment to amplify your health. Qigong practice combined with ancient wisdom bring a fresh approach to living life more fully.  Join us!

6-week session meeting Monday mornings at 8:30 AM (ET) for 50 minutes over Zoom.

New attendees: $199.00, Returnees: $99:00






This class will help you build energy, understand how your body “speaks” to you and apply those messages to address imbalances before they become health issues.  You’ll practice 10 Wu Ming Qigong postures and  learn how to use the Five Element Consciousness framework as a guide to listening to your body from a positive point of view.

Join us and experience results you never thought possible.  This session will be taught by Allie Lim and Elaine Katen. Allie has a longstanding relationship with Grand Master Lu as she shares his teaching in daily blog posts that appear on this website.  Elaine has been program director at TCM World for 20 years.  Her initial introduction to Chinese medicine was as a student of Dragon’s Way Qigong and the rest is history!

Dragon’s Way Qigong is based on ancient wisdom that reminds us—health is only possible when energy flows freely in the body. Stress and modern day demands make living in a state of flow difficult.  During this class you will:

•Learn Qigong postures

•Apply Five Elements to your health

•Decode your body’s messages

•Eat to bolster the immune system

•Experience the healing power of herbs

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