Dragon’s Way Qigong® New Session – January 24th

Immerse yourself in the Dragon’s Way Qigong® program for 6 weeks and watch how your life changes. Every area of your life is impacted by the flow of Qi.  Stress and worry draw Qi resources from the body. During this class you will experience how increasing energy flow will help you let it go.

New attendees: $199.00, Returnees: $99:00

Bonus: New registrants will receive a free download of the Dragon’s Way Qigong Instructional Video

Class meets Monday mornings at 8:30 AM (ET) for 60. minutes over Zoom.




Dragon’s Way Qigong® is a 6-week comprehensive program that brings the body back to balance.  It is based on ancient wisdom that reminds us, health is only possible when energy flows freely in the body.  Stress and modern day demands make living in a state of flow difficult.  During this class you will learn,

  • 10 powerful Qigong postures
  • Relate to your emotions differently
  • Decode your body’s messages
  • Enjoy a new style of eating
  • Experience the healing power of  herbs

Instructional Materials

While instructors will skilfully guide you, it’s important to have additional support tools.  We are pleased to offer a complimentary download of the instructional video and ask that you purchase the Guide Book. 

Learn more about Dragon’s Way Qigong click here.

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