An Emotion That Surpasses All

Humans have emotions. That’s part of what makes us human. And in many ways, we live out the effects of those emotions on a daily basis. Feeling stressed might leave you angry, tired, or even achy the following day. Why? Because our bodies physically respond to the emotions we hold and express.

Emotions are Qi–that boundless flowing source of energetic life that moves through our meridians. And what happens within–although invisible–will always be expressed somewhere on the body. But when we talk about emotions, the ones that have a more negative connotation, like stress, anxiety and fear, are the ones that usually surface. However, Chinese medicine does not view things as “good” or “bad”. Everything in life just is. We have experiences because those emotions and situations are part of our chosen path.

If you look back on memories from your childhood, adolescence, and throughout your adulthood, can you see how your choices impacted your life? Some might say, I wish I had done this differently. or I should have gone that route instead. While we all have experiences we might want to change, the real beauty of life is learning from those experiences and moving on to our next journey healthier, stronger, and some would say–wiser.

Here’s a fun experiment to understand the power of emotions: Think back to two pivotal moments in your life. Focus one on a “negative emotion” and another on a “positive emotion”. Recall the details of what you were wearing, who you were with and how you felt. Replay the scene over in your mind. What emotions surfaced? Were you suddenly filled with worry that left you with a stomach ache for the first? Were you so overcome with love and joy that blood rushed to your face and your cheeks reddened with the second? Do you see how your body expresses, or physically responds, to the Qi of emotions?

Stay in your loving memory just a bit longer. Let that feeling emanate through you. Let this loving Qi carry you throughout the day today. Feel how love supports you and feeds you on every part of your life journey. Go beyond this emotion to see the path love has carved for you–not just in this lifetime, but in the lifetimes that have come before you. Every cell in your body expresses the love you have held from generations past. Every journey you take in this life gives you the opportunity to feel and express that boundless love. Connect to the depth of your love and use it to bring peace and healing into your life.