Qigong Practice Through Life’s Twists and Turns

Through the trials and tribulations we face, we are challenged to look at life differently—to see through a clean, new lens and to question our own perspectives. We can follow this new way of thinking and of viewing life through Grand Master Lu’s Life Rules. “Everything is happening for a reason. Everything is happening for good. Can you see the good?”

If we can challenge ourselves to see the good in EVERY situation, we see that we are here in this moment for a reason, and that reason has purpose that extends beyond the understanding that lies in front of us. This understanding doesn’t just stretch forward, it travels back in time, bringing the wisdom of the generations that came before us—their struggles, their challenges, their health situations, and their healing journeys. All of this is gifted to us and is contained in our energetic lifeline.

Life’s Twists and Turns

The above image is of a gorgeous vista filled with twists and turns. Yet it is symbolic of life itself, with all of its pathways and choices. Although you can look backward, the current is always pushing you forward to explore, learn and grow.

Everything that we’re holding—all the good that supports us—is nudging us, as is this current. It’s helping us to be present in each and every moment; to take all that we can from the gifts we’ve been given and to become bigger, wiser and stronger, so the information we pass along to future generations is more meaningful than even the treasures we’ve been granted through our energetic pipeline.

Qigong Practice

When we practice Qigong, we become the embodiment of that winding, interconnected waterway, allowing everything in our bodies—and beyond—to communicate through space and time in a way that we can both understand and try to chip away at to learn. Just as everything in and around us is intricately connected, Qigong practice helps us to access parts of ourselves that we likely don’t tap into often enough, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Close your eyes and picture your Qi moving through your body. Breathe in and out. And as you exhale, imagine that you are being quietly propelled on that waterway. Take in everything around you. Soak in each moment and absorb the goodness that surrounds you. Be content knowing that you are right where you are meant to be. This path—this journey—is yours to discover. Enjoy the moment and every single little thing that lies ahead.


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