Qigong and Dragon’s Way Changed My Life: Karen’s Story

I am a certified Dragon’s Way® instructor and would love to share my experiences with Wu Ming Qigong and Dragon’s Way with you. I finished treatment for breast cancer seven years ago, and learned about nutrition and lifestyle changes that I could make to be healthier. The preventive wellness approach of Qigong changed my life.

Four years ago, I began as a Wu Ming Qigong student and took the Dragon’s Way class. I went on to become a certified Dragon’s Way instructor and have been teaching for two years now.

As I have deepened my practice these last few years, I have had measurable health changes in many areas, namely breast health.

For the first several years after I completed treatment for breast cancer, I had irregular images on my mammograms that with further assessment were not an issue—just residual calcification. In the last two years, the calcifications have entirely disappeared. In addition, there were many red spots that appeared on the breast over where the cancer had been. All of these spots have disappeared, clearing the residual poisons from my body.

Another area of improved health is digestion. I had gestational diabetes with my second child and often had borderline glucose levels. My glucose levels are now in a very good range—and over 20 points below any prior test result. My cholesterol levels have dropped significantly as well—I’m down 50 points from four years ago, and I’ve never taken medication to correct this—just Dragon’s Way.

I used to have pretty severe allergy and lung issues as well. I dealt with frequent bouts of bronchitis and took allergy medications on a daily basis. These health issues are now completely resolved.

Dragon’s Way has also resolved my dry eyes, anxiety and panic attacks, broken toes and sore joints. These concerns used to plague me. They are no longer in my life.

I attribute these deep levels of healing to my continued practice. This practice is life-enhancing and life-changing. It opened me up to a beautiful and loving way of being—filled with compassion and gratitude.


-Karen W.