Can Your Pet Benefit from Acupuncture?

Have you ever wondered whether acupuncture, massage, or herbs can nurse your four-legged companion back to full health and agility? The answer is: yes! Animals are creatures of nature and, as such, are more directly connected to their bodies’ innate healing wisdom than humans. So all pets can benefit enormously from holistic medicine.

We’ve heard many endearing stories from loving pet owners about how much their dogs, cats, horses, and even chickens benefit from, even love acupuncture, flopping over out of sheer relaxation after needles are placed in strategic locations. Existing mostly on pure intuition and instinct, they are highly in tune with their body’s energy flow and inner wisdom.

Without doubts or preconceptions getting in the way of the healing effects of an energy treatment, animals can take it all in with an open heart, often with dramatic results. A big part of reaping the benefits of any energy treatment is unconditional faith in one’s healing capacity — and in this, animals have a-plenty. Same goes for herbs, which can be highly effective, as animals are accustomed to let nature take its course.

Some do’s and don’t’s when it comes to acupuncture, herbs, and massage for your furry friend:

  1. DO always go to a certified, board-licensed veterinary acupuncturist and herbalist, which, in most states, also means a licensed veterinarian. Animals’ anatomical structures and meridians systems are different from those of humans and vary greatly from species to species, so it takes specialized training to have the know-how to needle animals properly.
  2. DON’T administer herbs on your own. As with humans, herbs are most effective and safe for animals when prescribed by a trained herbalist. Even if you source them from a reputable company and they seem to help with your pet’s condition, you always want to seek a professional diagnosis — especially in case the condition turns out to be serious.
  3. DO ask your veterinary acupuncturist for acupressure/massage tips to use at home to enhance your pet’s treatment. It’s a great way to extend the effects of an acupuncture treatment. Plus, what pet doesn’t love extra massages?