Seasonal Qi for Better Health

As Nature begins its transition from Spring into Summer, we become more aware of each seasonal influence.

Each season has its own Qi. That particular Qi allows different things to change. Nature—the natural world—completely understands this.

Plants, for example, respond to seasonal Qi. If you try to plant something out of season, it may grow but never flower or bear fruit. The reason has to do with the Qi of the season it was planted in.

See it or not, believe it or not, each season’s Qi exerts an influence on our bodies and in our lives. It’s common for people to get sick or experience allergies when the seasons change. Their Qi just cannot adjust smoothly or match the energy frequency of the incoming season.

Nature is balanced. For every yin, there is yang—cold and hot, night and day, dark and light, moon and sun, Earth and sky, up and down, female and male. Yin and yang cannot exist without the other. On the largest scale imaginable, all things are always balancing and rebalancing into a state of perfect harmony. Yin and Yang is the Universal harmony that impacts all beings.

Aligning your body to Nature’s flow can help you stay healthy and balanced during seasonal transitions. To follow Nature’s law, it’s important to nurture or support your Yang energy during Spring and Summer and your Yin energy during Fall and Winter. And in Summer, the perfect way to do that is to remain peaceful and calm.

Summer, with its blazing hot sun, is related to the Fire element. Summer is a time of vibrant activity, movement, and growth. What can balance all of that activity? Peaceful rest. When the heart is peaceful, that feeling translates to the mind and spirit. The Heart performs many energy functions that are vital to the health of your entire body, mind and spirit. On a very deep level, it just isn’t possible to have true health without a peaceful Heart.

– Grand Master Nan Lu