Skin: Your Protective Barrier

We wear our largest organ on the outside of our bodies. It’s exposed to sun, wind and other harsh elements, and is susceptible to cuts, scratches and the like. Our skin acts as a protective barrier to not only cushion our internal organs and structures, but also to keep germs out.

So, what happens when skin gets cut? The cut starts to bleed. Then a clot forms and eventually turns into a scab. The body knows it needs something to protect its inner tissues from germs. Once this temporary scab forms, the immune system kicks into action. Blood vessels open and white blood cells rush to the area to start their work of healing the cut from within. A lot of important invisible work happens. The body works to heal broken blood vessels, create collagen, form new tissue and new skin. It heals the wound, little by little, from the bottom up.

The human body works in miraculous ways. We don’t always give our bodies credit for everything they do to help us heal and recover.

All of this visible and invisible work uses Qi! Likewise, your body expends Qi to warm your skin and protect it from the harsh elements. Your skin is your protection. So, give it a helping hand. Stay indoors on windy days and cover your skin with pants and long sleeves in cool and cold weather. Instead of using your precious Qi to keep your body warm and your skin protected, save your Qi for healing.

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