Journey to the Quantum World, the Real One

When you slide your hand across a beautiful oak table, stub your toe or weed your garden, it feels real, doesn’t it? From one perspective, it is real. From another, we are surfing on top of a richer more powerful reality that impacts us every moment. Most of us have little knowledge of this other dimension of the energy field. We live in what Fritjof Capra describes as the “zone of middle dimensions”. In The Tao of Physics, he says, “These dynamic patterns, or ‘energy bundles,’ form the stable nuclear, atomic and molecular structures which build up matter and give it its macroscopic solid aspect, thus making us believe that it is made of material matter.” The faster electrons spin, the more solid the material appears.

In the world we experience with our five senses, things seem to be quite solidified and operate in a predictable way. But physicists deal with a different reality. They see different things. In the subatomic world, they penetrate physical material where they find no things at all! This is where they discover oneness, unity and inseparability. They discover that everything is energy or Qi. They also discover that mass, including our bodies, is a different manifestation of this energy.

Welcome to the quantum world. That’s a radical shift in thinking, even for those of us in the twenty-first century. But, of course, as we have seen, this kind of thinking is actually not so new. Ancient Qigong masters and high-level TCM practitioners discovered the quantum world of the energy state and applied their understanding of it several thousand years ago. They didn’t have expensive technology or use advanced quantum formulas. They discovered similar realities as those of today’s scientists by following a different path. Through deep meditation, self-cultivation and entering the non-conscious state, they used their bodies in a mystical, sophisticated way. Their meditative journeys allowed them to discover spiritual technologies that penetrated the body’s material form and revealed its inseparable connections to Nature.

Qigong masters and quantum physicists have a great deal in common. They may have taken different paths up the mountain, but they arrived at the same destination. One calls it the Five Element energetic framework; the other calls it relativistic physics and quantum mechanics. Everything is energy.

This post was excerpted from Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Healthy Metabolism Function by Nan Lu, OMD with Ellen Schaplowsky.

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