Life Rules According to Grand Master Nan Lu:

There are no accidents.

Everything is happening for a reason.

Everything is happening for good.

Can you see the good?

Grand Master Nan Lu’s message is simple, yet profound: There are no accidents. We’ve seen proof of these right-place-right-time encounters in movies. We’ve heard stories about people finding meaning in the deepest, darkest places. And we may have even lived through some of these experiences ourselves. The truth is, while everything happens for a reason, sometimes it’s hard to understand the meaning when you’re living through the thick of it.

Grand Master Nan Lu takes this concept a step further. Not only does everything happen for a reason—everything is happening for good. This is the path your life is intended to take. A seed may seem like nothing special, but when it is planted in soil, given water, and exposed to the warming sun, that seed flourishes into a beautiful flower.

While your life experiences may seem difficult, your path will unfold into something beautiful—if you are able to see the good. What is happening in your life? Can YOU see the good?

Continue the Journey

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Summer 2020 was one for the books! Grand Master Nan Lu helped us to find our own internal path with his 3-week series on The Body Never Lies. If you’re inspired, share his wisdom with a friend!

You’ve read so much about Qi. But what is it really? Qi is where miracles happen!


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