Qi: Where Miracles Happen

Look around you. Qi, or energetic life force, sustains and animates all that you are and all that surrounds you. It exists in outer space, in Nature and within each of you. Energy is everything and everything is energy. When you break solid matter into smaller and smaller parts, there is nothing solid or physical about it at all—it’s just invisible energy. So the basic “building block” of everything in Nature and the Universe, including our own bodies, is energy.

Qi is life and without it, there can be no growth or change. Your body cannot exist for one second without Qi. When you die your Qi leaves your body—it’s transformed.

If you view any health issue from the TCM perspective, with an understanding of the fluid and transformational qualities of Qi, it becomes clear that nothing is unmovable, unworkable, or permanent. At the level of energy, nothing is impossible to heal. It’s the level where miracles can happen. The requirements for healing just have to be met.


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Everything is Qi—Everything is Energy