Nature is Our Role Model

Each season has its own purpose. When the Spring wind blows, you smell it. Trees grow, flowers grow and birds sing. These things happen through a natural force. In Spring, Nature’s frequency is different from all other seasons. How does this affect you? During the Springtime, do your emotions change? Do you allow yourself to follow these patterns? If you are connected to the frequency of each season, Nature will take care of you.

We are entering the Winter season. Look around: What do you see in Nature? Everything is quiet. Animals do not scamper and play all day long. Instead, they conserve their energy. But we, as humans, are not quiet. In fact, Winter is one of our most stressful seasons. After we cook Thanksgiving dinner, we buy, buy, buy, and stress about our holiday cards. Then we plan yet another holiday meal.

We should be quiet at this time, but we do just the opposite—we challenge Nature. Instead of taking cues from the trees and the animals, we go out and spend our energy. Outside in Nature, everything is calm—down to the roots. Nature is taking this time to reorganize, reprocess and prepare for the coming year.

Deeply resting in Winter brings us to Spring—the season of rebirth and renewal—much stronger and more refreshed than before. Preparing now allows your body, mind and spirit to more easily make seasonal transitions.

With all of the pandemic’s repercussions affecting health, school, work and family life, 2020 was a difficult year around the world. What good can this pandemic teach us? Each and every one of us has a responsibility to care for ourselves. Nature is our role model. Can you connect to this frequency? Can you embrace these seasonal teachings and use them to live a more peaceful life?

Grow With Us

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