In our Western culture, we typically separate emotions from the body. However, the study of quantum theory has helped us see that nothing can be discussed in isolation. E=verything is connected through energy.

More than five thousand years ago, high-level spiritual masters had already discovered this principle of inseparability of the body, mind and spirit through spiritual technology. They downloaded the Five Element Consciousness Framework and its astounding blueprint of Nature’s elements, organs and associated emotions, as well as other correspondences.

Mind and Emotions

While Eastern and Western cultures may use the same vocabulary for “mind” and “emotions,” The TCM concept is different. Your mind is like a gun, but your emotions are what pull the trigger. Your mind digests and processes your thoughts as emotions. Sometimes, these emotions are hidden within the body. Other times, they are displayed externally in the form of physical conditions. It’s easy to identify which emotion is involved with a condition by looking at the Five Element Consciousness Framework.

If an emotion is experienced excessively or chronically, it will unbalance the function of its associated organ. Constant worry will eventually impact your Stomach function. Relentless stress will affect your Liver function. Continuous fear or continued responses to fear-driven messages will eventually deplete your Kidney function. And, depending on the severity of these issues, other body structures related to these organs may be affected as well.

Metabolic Function

Energy flows both ways. An organ’s physical problem has the power to impact its associated emotion. If these energetic frequencies of emotions can impact physical functions, then we have to talk about metabolic function in a different way. We have to factor in the mechanism through which these frequencies impact the body.

The physical body is a 3D screen that shows the state of metabolic function. It will also show whether the more expansive concept of metabolic function is, or isn’t working.


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Excerpted from Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Healthy Metabolism Function.

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