Gail’s Journey From Disease To Ease

From my very first appointment approximately five years ago, I knew I was supposed to be at the Center.

There are no accidents.

For many years, I had suffered from chronic arthritis throughout my entire body. I have never believed in medicine because of the many side effects. However, I was now becoming disabled. I had to find a healthy solution as the pain was taking a toll on my lifestyle.

As I entered the Center, Deborah greeted me with the warmest smile and welcome. I then met with Dr. Lu who told me I could heal myself. That was the beginning, just the beginning.

He explained how emotions play an important role in pain. I realized I had to change my family patterning, letting go of emotional baggage and limiting external pressures. This whole new way of thinking was difficult for me.

Dr. Lu and I discussed the role of emotions in ‘dis’ease and the importance of ‘letting go’ to balance one’s body and create healing. He gave me postures to do, herbs to take and recommended acupuncture. He related new information about nutrition such as foods that are damp and not good for my arthritic body.

More than anything, the people and spirit of the Center gave me hope that then morphed into the realization that, through my efforts, I no longer had to be a victim of pain.

Before I left this first visit, Deborah, realizing my discomfort, brought me warm water and I started immediately taking my herbs.

Today, I am happy to say that I am basically pain free (with the exception of a twinge or two which remind me that I probably need to let go of a little more).

I have now taken other programs at the Center and most recently have become a Qigong student. There is so much to learn about healing and developing a state of harmony within myself and with relationships with others and the universe.

I look back at my life before TCM World Foundation and how I have changed in the past five years. My beliefs have changed and I look upon myself as an empowered human who can heal herself. My arthritic pain is practically non-existent. Disease is no longer a part of my life. I am at ease. My experience with TCM has set me up for success.