Over the next few Fridays, we will be delving into the concept of balance. What does it truly mean, and is it attainable?

Picture a balance scale. When it is at a state of perfect harmony, both sides of the scale are level. But as soon as the tiniest thing is added to one side, the scale is offset. Now imagine that happening in the body. While our busy lives and the demands of our society are such that our scales are usually in a state of flux, the body is continually working to reach a state of equilibrium. But every small thing upsets that balance.

Now imagine the Qi it takes to bring the body back to center. That’s why a solid and continual Qigong practice is so very important. As the body swings out of balance, Qigong helps to build and move energy, so the body can get closer to a state of harmony.

Every single thing you do uses Qi. Where are you getting that Qi from? Notice your habits this weekend and add in a few practices daily of The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth. It’s like a helping hand to reset your balance scale.