A Balanced Life: Your Heart Knows the Way

Between expenses, jobs, relationships, and children, many of us shoulder enormous responsibilities. We rely on our minds throughout each busy day to arrange schedules, send emails, stay on the boss’s “good list” and guide our children (and ourselves) on the right path. But trying to stay balanced while carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders is not an easy task. Often, after a day of juggling more than we can handle, we become frustrated and exhausted. Some of us snap at those around us, or send that anger inward and take it out on ourselves. Sound familiar?

Sometimes a simple change in perspective is all that is needed.

What might happen if we let our hearts take the driver’s seat for just one day? Would it stop the cycle of constant thoughts? Would we even know how to let go of our rational minds? Might we begin to see people, things around us, Nature, and ourselves in a kinder, softer light?

The ancient poet, Rumi, once said, “Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction.” So for today, give it a try. Close your eyes and breathe. Connect to who you are deep within. Let go of your mind. Release your worries, anxieties, and pressures. Allow yourself to truly feel and experience the joy that life has to offer. Bring that joy deep within. Begin to trust that your heart will lead you exactly where you are intended to be.


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