Earth Laughs in Flowers

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s famous quote reminds us of the majesty of Spring: “The earth laughs in flowers.” Just as a giggle bubbles up and erupts into loud, bellowing laughter, flowers begin to sprout and then unfurl their petals into gorgeous creations. Can you picture it? Laughter, happiness, joy; peonies, daisies, roses.

Flowers are Nature’s gift to us—a reminder to slow down the maddening pace we often keep and breathe in the goodness that surrounds us.

So plant your favorite flowers in your Qigong practice spot. If you don’t have the opportunity to plant flowers, treat yourself to fresh cut flowers or hang a photo of flowers on the wall. As you practice Qigong, feel this connection to Nature. Flowers are a symbol of life and joy, growth and newness—of Spring’s boundless creativity. You, too, are a flower. Allow yourself the space to laugh and freely express your own inner beauty.

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