Nature’s Gifts. Nature’s Lessons

Many of us take for granted what is right in front of our eyes–be it blessings of family, friends, food and home–or something as simple as a gorgeous summer day. It’s as if we don’t realize what we have until its presence can no longer be felt in our lives.

In Nature, change happens often. So often, in fact, that you almost have to stand guard to catch a glimpse, before a new event pops onto the horizon. Weather changes on the dime, bringing wind, sun, rain and afternoon thunderstorms. Butterflies and bees buzz from flower to flower in their pollination dance. Leaves fall, flowers bloom and die, and waves crash, changing the shoreline each and every time.

Each moment is a new scene that brings new opportunity. And yet, if we watch and listen, we gain something so much bigger than the moment itself. We see that this change is Nature’s way of sustaining itself and of letting go. Can we grab hold of the lesson and apply it in our own lives?

As the wind blows, take a deep breath.

As the butterflies dance, allow your body to freely move.

As the birds chirp, find your laugh.

As the waves rise and then recede, breathe out all that you’ve been holding. Send it off into the Universe and be free.

Take in the beauty of this moment. Let go of what binds you.

Allow yourself the freedom to dance, laugh and let it all go.