TCM Tips for the Total Solar Eclipse

The sun and moon are two cosmic beings in the Universal picture. The sun, our greatest source of heat and light, surrounds us with its abundant energy. The moon, which has the greatest influence on the ocean tides, brightens the night sky with its heavenly glow. But this energy doesn’t just surround us, it is infused within us. It is part of the very fibers of our being. If we can connect to that energy as we are intended to, just think of the possibilities that can unfold.

This Monday, April 8, a total solar eclipse will begin in Mexico around 11:07am PDT, and move across the United States, from Texas on up to Maine, reaching New York just after 2:00pm EST. The eclipse will exit the United States and pass through Canada. A map of the path of totality is available on During this total eclipse, the moon will completely block the face of the sun, casting a shadow on Earth. Daylight will turn into darkness for between three to over four minutes, depending on location. When you view the solar eclipse, ensure your eyes are protected by eclipse viewing glasses, even if you are looking through a camera lens.

According to NASA, the moon will be closer to Earth this year than it was during the 2017 hybrid solar eclipse. It will also follow a different trajectory, offering a better (and wider) view of the event to about 31.6 million people this year, as compared to 12 million in 2017. An estimated 99% of people living in the United States will have either a total or partial view of the eclipse. This year, the sun is also nearing solar maximum, in which solar flares are common. It might even be possible to see an eruption of solar material, called a coronal mass ejection, during Monday’s total eclipse.

Be sure not to miss this event. The next total solar eclipse will not be visible in the United States for another 20 years—August 2044!

In preparation for this celestial event, follow these tips:

  1. Be Peaceful: You are part of the Universe. Everything that happens in the galaxy has an affect on you. As the moon is approaching the sun, spend your time being peaceful.
  2. Protect Your Eyes: Your eyes are the window to your soul. If you are in a location where viewing in-person is possible, remember to wear protective glasses.
  3. Meditate to Receive Messages: Wherever you are during the total solar eclipse, sit in quiet meditation or hold the Qigong posture, The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth. Doing so will help you connect with this infinite Universal power. You never know what messages are being sent and what information you will receive.
  4. Be Observant: Watch the animals. Notice how their patterns begin to change. Are birds chirping louder than usual or is Nature suddenly quiet? What happens when Earth goes dark for that short period of time. How does Nature adjust to this Universal shift? Remember, we are all energy beings—infinitely connected to the Universe. How do Universal changes affect you?

To learn more about the eclipse or to livestream this incredible celestial event from home, tune in to the NASA livestream.

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