Spring Release

After what some might deem the “gloom of Winter”, we welcome in the newness of Spring. We watch in awe as Nature’s magnificence unfolds in green grasses, colorful blooms and radiant sunshine. Winter dormancy is imperative to this Spring revival. Its quiet solitude allows for plants and animals to deeply rest so that they can awaken renewed in Spring. Its cold snowfall blankets the earth, providing more than just a beautiful landscape, but a layer of protection for the roots and bulbs that also nourishes the entire ecosystem underneath our feet.

As is in our nature, humans tend to collect and gather, just as animals in the wild. We innately follow this example, often without a conscious thought. We may hold on to clothing or items that were once useful but have now outlived their time. But now that Spring has arrived, it is time to let go of all that we’ve gathered and stored aside. Extra provisions aren’t needed in Spring. We can step outside and enjoy the warmth of the sun, the extra daylight and the fresh, crisp air. Inside time can be replaced with time spent in Nature—digging in the soil, walking through a forest, sitting beside a stream.

The extra “things” we hold onto no longer have their merits once Spring comes. After all, they are just physical objects, and cannot replace the beauty and bounty of natural creations in our midst.

Join the Spring release!

Let go of everything you’ve accumulated during the cold season. Join Nature in its renewed growth and creativity.

Start with tangible objects: clothing, shoes, books, furniture, or anything else that no longer sparks joy in your life. Donate these goods or find someone who will give them new life. As you release these items, smile knowing that they will bring new joy to others. Breathe knowing that you are making room for Nature’s fulfillment in your life.

Continue on, releasing all else from your life that does not bring you happiness. Need a change? Now is the time to do it. Hop on Spring’s energetic momentum. Seek out that job transfer, remodel your living room, break free from a one-sided, energy-draining “friendship” and find your own two feet. Now is your chance to release, refresh and create a year filled with everlasting joy.