Look for the Next Sunrise

Life is a funny thing. No matter how far we walk or how long the day, a new sunrise—a new opportunity—is always on the horizon. If we can view life in this way, we see that each day truly is a treasure. As evening nears, we are asked to shake off the day and leave it behind. To shed the worries and fears that followed us from morning until evening, and breathe, so that after a refreshing sleep, we can wake up renewed.

When you are in the midst of heartache, grief or fear, shedding emotions is not so easily done. So allow yourself to feel. Feel the sadness, the fear, the grief, the heartache. Allow your tears to fall. They will cleanse you from the inside out. And when you are ready to let go, turn your face to the sunlight and feel its warmth envelop you. Know that you are stronger because of what you have lived through. Feel your smile spread across your lips and know that you will be okay. We all will be okay.

We are in this life together—connected by energy, connected by love.


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