Words of Wisdom: Rediscovering Yourself

Humans have been trained to rise above. Our society strives to advance and excel. We have sent men to the moon, climbed the highest mountains, created futuristic technology, traversed caves and canyons and discovered lifeforms in the depths of the ocean. Still, we yearn to learn and discover more. This yearning is what has advanced the human race. However it has also created a great divide between humans and the natural world.

Rediscovering Nature and our role in it helps us to rediscover ourselves.

So often we get bogged down with responsibilities that we leave little time for the most important person in our lives. Look in the mirror. What do you notice? Do you focus on wrinkles, saggy skin and imperfect thighs? Or do you see strength, resilience and beauty? You are so much more than what is on the outside. But you are more than what is on the inside, too. That’s because your complete picture has not been revealed just yet.

Have you ever seen a photograph being developed in a darkroom? As white photo paper is swished around in a solution, an image slowly begins to appear. First, the black areas become visible and then the grays. After another few seconds, the details begin to emerge. Finally, the complete photograph is clear.

Your life works in much the same way. Everything that you learn about yourself and the world you’re living in helps to define who you are. But the true you comes with enlightenment. It comes with the ability to let go, to be free and to follow your own path, no matter where it may lead.

Tao Te Ching

In using the ancient teachings of the Tao Te Ching, we can learn a lot about our modern-day selves.

“He who knows others is wise,

He who knows himself is enlightened.

He who controls others is powerful;

He who masters himself is beyond power.

He who enjoys his own reality is rich;

He who has a strong will is resolute.

He who follows his own nature endures;

He who follows the Tao has immortality.”

Rediscover Yourself

Take time to rediscover your true self. Start by slowly stepping foot in Nature. Watch trees dance in the breeze without worry of breaking or falling. Observe as birds fly freely to the highest branches without hesitation or fear. All of Nature has faith that a new day will come and an expected pattern will continue. Can you live your life this way?

How can you truly let go? Begin to release fears, worries and hesitations. Then break free from other invisible chains that hold you back from living the next chapter in your story.

What are the deep yearnings of your soul? Remember, you have thoughts, feelings, emotions and an undying spirit that longs to be set free.

This is YOUR life—go out and live it!