Beliefs and Emotions

“Beliefs create thoughts; thoughts create emotions; emotions impact the physical body.” -Grand Master Nan Lu

The shortcut to good health is to change your beliefs! The mind is based on beliefs. These beliefs can help you grow or can limit you. They create thoughts that generate emotions. Emotions are powerful, energetic frequencies that have the ability to impact metabolism function in a major way. That’s why the mind is such a critical player in health and wellness.

What do the mind and emotions have to do with one another? Emotions are the actions or processing of the mind. What do we say when we encounter too much information or emotion? Often, people remark, “Let me sit with this.” What they’re really saying is, “Let me find a way to digest this information.”

Just as the Stomach is a digestive organ, the mind is also a digestive organ.  Its function is to process those intangible aspects, or energetic frequencies, such as consciousness, thinking, emotions, wishes, desires, intentions, imagination, dreaming, and psychic abilities. This kind of energy has consciousness and purpose. Your life and your health are based on the beliefs you choose to hold. They are the starting point and you are the one who chooses them.

If you are not open to new ideas, thoughts and challenges, how much information or new experiences can you digest? What kind of material do you allow your mind to receive that will nourish it and support its growth?


Excerpted from Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Healthy Metabolism Function


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