Words of Wisdom: Small Changes, Big Results

Any change starts with a single step. Regardless of the weight of that change, you must put one foot in front of the other in order to gain momentum and make progress. For example, changing careers might require updating your resume, completing additional training and even stepping down a level or two in order to get on your intended track. The same principle applies to your health and healing.

Often we focus on fixing a “problem”, like a digestive issue. But if your attention is solely on the Stomach, you have merely scratched the surface of the interrelationships that affect your digestive system and metabolism function as a whole. Instead of focusing on fixing a certain condition, look at your environment and your relationships. Take actions to improve them. Make small change after small change. Do this for yourself–not for anyone else–without expectation of receiving something in return.

Cultivate a garden.

As you harvest the fruits and vegetables you’ve tended to, let this become the image of your own spiritual and emotional growth.

Begin to eat for healing.

Little by little, begin to replace fast foods and cold salads with warm foods and cooked vegetables. Gradually go further by cutting back on your meats and dairy products. Choose foods that deliver a maximum amount of Qi to support all your organs.

Explore your beliefs.

Look for ways to challenge your own mindset. Experiment with new ways of thinking and doing, and be open to other perspectives.

Make room for you.

Devote time each day to make yourself feel beautiful. Energize yourself with Qigong practice, sing in the shower or take a walk on the beach. During this time, all of your attention should be on loving and growing yourself.

Live in the present.

Do something different today–something totally new and unexpected. How did it make you feel?

Be proud of the person you are and the person you are becoming. Congratulate yourself for taking these first few steps. And then keep going–and keep growing! You’ll be amazed at how small changes can lead to big results–physically, emotionally, and spiritually–over time.


Excerpted from Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Healthy Metabolism Function