One Small Change

When we develop the awareness that a change needs to be made in our lives, many of us go to the extreme. We commit ourselves to an expensive gym membership, vow to become strict vegans, or buy an airline ticket to travel the world. We often think that doing the exact opposite of what we are currently committed to will change our lives in a vast and satisfying way. However, sometimes, these big changes backfire. We begin going to the gym only to burn out and stop after a few weeks, leaving us feeling defeated. Our vegan diets turn carnivorous at the first sign of a backyard barbecue. And our trip around the world, while amazing, is merely an escape from a reality that we will inevitably get sucked back into.

Instead of making such drastic changes, take some time to really see yourself. Look inward and ask, “What are my goals in life? What steps do I need to take to fulfill them?” After you’ve had this heart-to-heart, make one change. That’s it. This change can be as small as waking up five minutes earlier or speaking kind words to yourself every day.

Give yourself adequate time for this change to sink in. Feel the power it has made in your life. Become aware of the ripple effect–other areas of your life that have been influenced by this change as well. Then repeat the process. Take time to delve even deeper inward and notice another small area that needs to change. Be proud of your new awareness and take steps to make that change. Keep going until little-by-little you inch closer and closer toward your goals. One step at a time, you will get there. And once you do, you can be sure those changes are here to stay.


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