Worry and Digestion

Think about the saying, “I feel sick with worry.” Worry is often accompanied by a stomach ache or a wave of nausea. Every wonder why?

If you suffer from constant worry—about life, business, career, finances, family, the state of the world—you automatically take Qi, or vital energy, away from your body. This slows your body down and hinders its ability to process foods, thoughts and emotions properly. We often see patients that suffer from constant worry and have no appetite. Why does worry shut down the digestive system? This energetic frequency causes the Stomach to stop performing its duties. When the digestive system shuts down, your body loses the ability to create enough Blood. Often the patient will become anemic or experience insomnia, and of course, too much worry can cause weight loss—or even weight gain.

Fear and worry are often based on imagination and beliefs. These emotional energies are projections of the future—something that hasn’t happened yet, and may actually never happen. Based on your beliefs and past experiences, you create more worry and project it into the future. And guess what happens? That creates even more anxiety!

Everywhere you look, there is information that promotes worry and fear. This affects our emotions, our minds, and the energetic function of our organ systems on a daily basis. From this angle, we can say that emotions have a stronger effect than food on our bodies.

At one level, you are what you eat. But on a higher level, you are what you think! 

The best way to maintain healthy balance is to change your beliefs, and to change your mind about how you perceive and react to circumstances you encounter every day. Watch yourself and track your reactions and emotions. Do you see areas of your life where you can minimize worry and overthinking? How can you apply this concept to your daily life?