Thursday Tips: At Home With Kids

Next to the emotional roller coaster many people are feeling, parents around the world are tasked with homeschooling. While it is important to keep up with academics, many parents are also juggling work schedules and little ones. So how can we meet the needs of our children while providing some room for fun, creativity and freedom?

1. Consistency is key!

Having the kids get dressed, eat breakfast and then start their classwork sets the stage for success. Keep a patterned structure as the backdrop of the “school day” so expectations are clear.

2. Express your feelings and allow kids to express theirs.

Writing or drawing in a journal or doodling with sidewalk chalk are great forms of expression. Tap into their creative side and make-up stories that project into the future with happy endings.

3. Continue building connections.

Recognize that kids may be missing teachers, grandparents, cousins and friends during this time at home. Arrange for virtual visits online and encourage kids to write letters to their loved ones.

4. Spread the love!

Mail carriers are working hard during this time. Often, they rely on smiling faces to help them through a long day. Have kids draw a picture that you can leave in your mailbox. Or choose a common object, like a rainbow. Encourage many kids in your town to hang pictures of hand-drawn rainbows in their windows to lift the spirits of neighbors walking by.

5. Strengthen their bodies.

Practice the First Energy Gate by gently massaging the web between the thumb and the index finger for several minutes. Use both hands to make large circles on the belly area. Finally, use your thumb to make circles down your child’s spine as he or she is lying down. Start at the top of the neck and slowly work your way down to the base of the spine.


Click this link to watch a great video of kids practicing a few energy movements!


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