Everything Is Energy and Purpose

You are a unique artist. You use your body as a canvas to show emotion and to create symptoms. Symptoms then become the language that your body speaks. If you suppress this language, your body creates a different language until the message is delivered.

The question you need to ask is, why was your body healthy before and is now unhealthy? What changed?

Everything is energy and purpose. If something gets in the way and blocks that energy or purpose, the body creates a different channel to allow to you see. If you base it on the 3-dimensional world, energy is seen only as disease or illness. Here, we focus on the condition. If you go to a higher level of consciousness, there is no such thing as disease anymore. The condition becomes consciousness.

In order to support the body, you have to understand each organ’s function. What is its requirement? Think about what a plant needs to live—water, nutrients, sunlight. But certain plants have special requirements. For example, an indoor flowering plant cannot live outdoors in the dead of winter. If you change the plant’s environment, you have to give it enough support to allow it to grow. The same concept applies to the body. In order to achieve basic harmony and to allow each organ to function as it was intended, you have to properly support the body as a whole.

So instead of focusing on your aches and pains, or a diagnosis you’ve received, train your body to look at that disease or illness as an energy imbalance. It’s your body’s way of telling you that your energy is not harmonized—that more needs to be done to reach a higher level of inner peace. You can support your body with things like energy movements, healing foods, acupuncture and herbs. But the most important place to begin your path to harmony is to create unified mind-body-spirit peace—to be happy and to feel content from within.

Welcome 2023 with Qigong Practice!

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