Yin and Yang in Harmony

Yin and Yang are two independent yet complementary energies. They represent energies so vast they encompass everything in the universe. Yin and Yang cannot exist without the other; they are never separate.

This inseparable relationship is reflected in the form of the swirling Yin-Yang symbol, where Yin (black space) contains a seed of Yang (in the form of a white dot) and Yang contains a seed of Yin. So there is Yin, but Yin is also Yang and Yang is also Yin. There is balance, and even more, there is harmony. When two things are balanced, they are equal but separate. In a relationship of harmony, the two energies blend into one seamless whole.

A State of Constant Balance

A dynamic flow of Qi automatically and continuously balances and rebalances these energies. In the natural world, this can be witnessed in the changing seasons: the cold of winter yields to the warmth of spring and into summer’s heat, and then gradually turns cool in fall to become winter once again. You can also see this perpetual balancing when a thunderstorm clears the air on a humid summer day.

On the largest scale imaginable, all things are always balancing and rebalancing into a state of perfect harmony. This harmony isn’t always apparent in our complicated modern lives, but Yin and Yang is the ever-present harmony that impacts all beings. So in essence, harmony is the only ground we walk on and is the very air we breathe.

Yin-Yang for Healing

A foundational piece of TCM’s healing approach is to help give you perspective. As you step back from your life and look at where things are not working, you might see how your lifestyle and/or emotions could be creating health issues. For most people, this is a process that happens over time; for some, it comes in a moment of great insight. Rather than continually treating symptoms that are caused by emotions, patterns of thought, or an unbalanced lifestyle, TCM looks for the root cause of the problem. The entire Universal pattern is one of always establishing balance and harmony.

As a deep and authentic healing system, TCM applies Yin and Yang to help you harmonize your body, mind, emotions, and spirit, and then harmonize your individual energy with nature. Take a moment to remember a time when you felt healthy and free. At that time, you likely did not think of wellness at all! Everything in your life simply flowed and moved seamlessly—in harmony.

Your body, mind, emotions, and spirit can adjust and readjust to the circumstances in your life. This is precisely the state TCM seeks to create in terms of health and well-being.