Biggest Supermoon of 2020

Throughout 2020, we will have the gift of 13 full moons, including a blue moon and 2 supermoons, the brightest and biggest of which will be appearing this evening. While the world waits indoors for the pandemic to pass, Nature’s energy continues to extend its reach. Be sure to step out on your balcony or gaze out your window to find a clear view of the pink moon at 10:35 PM EST tonight, Tuesday April 7, 2020. Supermoons occur when the moon is in perigee—the closest point to Earth in its orbit. April’s pink moon will be the closest moon of the year, and according to NASA, will appear 20% brighter than an average full moon.

Early Native Americans gave this moon its name, because its light illuminated rosy flowers, known as wild ground phlox, that blanketed the fields in Spring. Tribes that lived along the coast often referred to the Pink Full Moon as the Full Fish Moon, as this was the time that fish swam upstream.

Connect with the consciousness of the pink supermoon and the energy of others from around the world. We will stand in a Qigong meditative posture, The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth, as close to 10:35 PM (EST) as possible on April 7. Hold the posture for as long as you can. See the below video for a visual of the posture.



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