Ask Grand Master Lu: Food As Energy

Question: If everything around us is energy, are some types of energy better than others? When it comes to food, is the energy from plants better than the energy found in processed foods?

Answer: Over the past hundred years or so, quantum physics has opened the door to allow us to recognize that the world of our concrete reality is actually a world of energy in constant motion where everything is connected. Separation is an illusion. Rarely, do we think about this and apply it to our daily lives.

Sir Isaac Newton believed that everything could be reduced to an atom, but modern scientists have shown us everything exists as a wave or a particle. A particle is not a “thing” like an atom. It’s really more a state of being. When it comes to nurturing ourselves, as well as preventing or addressing health issues, real food is superior to its processed version.

Energetically, fresh, natural foods are manifestations of sunlight, moonlight, rain, the interconnections with plants and animals where the plant flourishes—these are all reflections of the unconditional love of the Universe.

Everything is energy and energy has consciousness and purpose. Food has its own energy, consciousness and purpose. However, I remind my patients not to fixate on food.

I tell them on one level you are what you eat. On a higher level, you are what you think. Any food’s energy carries the vibration of cooperation and the love of the Universe.