TCM’s Healing Winter Tips

Ancient Chinese practitioners discovered that Nature and the human body are deeply interconnected on the energetic level. They used these interrelationships to better understand how to self-heal and attain balance in the body. One such relationship is that of each season’s energies to organ systems in the body. The Winter season correlates energetically to Kidney energy.

The Kidney acts as the powerhouse of the body. It stores the Qi you inherited at birth from your mother and father. When another organ is running low on energy, the Kidney dips into this inheritance to supply Qi to the organ systems that need it.

When an organ system is off balance, the body sends messages to alert us. If we know how to tune in to those messages, we can use them as guideposts to help us regain inner harmony.

If your Kidney is out of balance or not functioning optimally, you may not feel quite like yourself during the winter season. Kidney imbalance often shows on the body as urinary issues, lower back pain, knee pain, tinnitus or hearing loss, bone or teeth issues, sexual issues, infertility, and hair loss.

Follow these tips to boost your Kidney Qi:

1) Rub Your Ears: The ears are the sensory organ connected to the Kidney. Place your hands over your ears and rub for 5 minutes, or until they are red and warm to the touch.

2) March in Place: Your Kidney meridian begins in the soles of your feet. When marching, drop your foot flat on the floor. Once you get the feel for it, place your hands in prayer position and march for 5 minutes (or longer) every day.

3) Eat Seafood: The element associated with the Kidney is water, and its taste is salty. Anything that lives in salt water strengthens Kidney energy. Shellfish, such as shrimp, clams, mussels, or lobster, are especially beneficial.

4) Take a Break! All of Nature rests in Winter. Do you allow yourself ample down time? Take time to turn inward so your whole being can rest and rebalance.

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