Nature Knows: Energetic Healing

Like humans, plants have the amazing ability to heal and recover. Often, heavy winds or ice storms can put added weight on a tree branch and cause it to snap in half. Often the branch may be dangling and seem as if it is not salvageable. However, much like broken bones heal in the human body, trees can mend their broken parts. In fact, if the branch is still attached, it may even continue to flower. Is this only because the branch is still receiving nutrients from the tree? No. It’s all about energy.

A tree constantly supports its branches, blooms and fruit with Qi–energy! Without adequate Qi, the tree wouldn’t bloom or bear fruit. Even a broken branch gets Qi from its tree. A flowering broken branch is the ultimate sign of resilience. The tree is not willing to give up! Many gardeners suggest cutting these broken branches so that the energy can go toward rejuvenating the rest of the plant. But, with a little human help, the branch can actually regenerate. By simply wrapping the broken branch with some heavy tape or rope, we allow Nature to take its course. Over a few months, the broken areas will fuse together, healing the break entirely.

With patience, Nature heals. With time, breaks are mended. Can we allow time in our own lives to heal and mend?