The Ups and Downs of Yo-Yo Dieting

Millions of people live on a roller coaster of annual weight gain and loss. They follow a dieting pattern that’s as predictable as Nature’s seasons. Weight starts to creep up at the start of fall holidays and continues to rise through the New Year. Then, lightweight clothes and warmer weather appear on the horizon and the resolve to lose those extra pounds kicks in. Spring and summer signal the start of popular diet and intense exercise programs.

Yo-yo dieting causes people to gain weight faster and lose it more slowly every time the cycle repeats itself, with the net result of the body carrying more excess weight. A new study published in January also shows this lifestyle’s impact on the body at the cellular level.

The study gathers “big data” on research participants’ genetic and molecular markers that shows that even a small amount of weight gain led to new activity in some genes, and effectively turned off others. These findings connect the dieting roller coaster to metabolic function disorders and chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

The Future of “Dieting”

Modern science hopes to next prove whether these physical symptoms and conditions can be reversed or reset by diet and lifestyle changes. The ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) demonstrates that yes, this is possible! It has long understood that true healing naturally begins at the invisible, energetic level.

TCM sees the human body as so much more than a set of data points. A person is not just a combination of weight, height, blood work, and genetic markers. Each person is a complete and unique expression of lifeforce energy, or Qi. He or she also reflects culture, environment, emotions, and beyond. Strengthening and balancing Qi creates health at the deepest level. A healthy, balanced body doesn’t carry excess weight.

As spring approaches, consider a new resolution. Step off the diet roller coaster. Join a Dragon’s Way Qigong® program or learn to quietly and peacefully meditate. Practice a deeper connection to the green pop of Spring, the beautiful abundance of Summer, the glorious display of Fall, and the quiet rest of Winter. Start the change—from the inside out.

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