IQ or “intelligence quotient” is a measure of a person’s intelligence based upon a series of standardized questions. This test may be used to better understand a student’s performance in school or to determine their intellectual potential. But can a test accurately portray a person’s potential?

In the eyes of TCM, we determine potential from a different lens. Potential is based on Qi, the energetic life force that lives and moves in and around every one of us. Your IQ, therefore, is not a measure of your intelligence; rather your own awareness of your Inner Qi. How do you connect to the Universal source of energy? Have you reached your healing potential—your life potential?

Qigong is a powerful energy practice that allows us to connect to our IQ—our Inner Qi. Through this practice, we reawaken our innate healing abilities and allow our Qi to move freely through our meridian system. When Qi flows freely, illness has no place to live.

From this perspective, both your IQ and your potential are limitless.

Qigong Practice, Theory and Principles

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