November’s Celestial Stories: What the Skies Have in Store

November is quite an eventful month in the skies above! We set the stage with the beginning of Winter on November 7 on the lunisolar calendar. The Taurid and Leonid meteor showers dance all month, and peak on November 11 and 17, respectively. The Full Beaver Moon reaches its peak on November 19, along with the longest partial lunar eclipse in nearly 600 years making its grand debut on the same night.

These events are not just happening outside of us. We have the ability to connect these events to our very own bodies, minds and spirits. Everything is connected, “As above, so below.” Let’s look above and see what’s happening.

As the Leonid meteor shower peaks on the morning of November 17, imagine that Earth is moving through the orbital path of a comet. Bits of debris are flying off the comet and into Earth’s atmosphere, vaporizing, creating sparkles in the sky. These meteors get their name from the constellation from which they originate. Leonid meteors come from the constellation Leo the Lion and give a visual as they form the flowing mane of the lion. Can you see Earth crossing paths with the Lion, running your fingers through the long, sparkling mane of Leo?

A few days later, on November 19, we are greeted with two powerful events. The Lunar eclipse will begin at 1:02 AM EST, and will last just over 6 hours. During this time, Earth will dance with the Moon, covering her with 97% of its shadow and creating a reddish-orange hue. A few hours after its start, at 3:57 AM EST, the Beaver moon will reach its peak.

Native American tribes left ingenious messages in the names of their moons. These names expose the intertwined nature of the relationship between humans and the natural world. So what is the significance of the Beaver Moon? Beavers are intelligent creatures that use various adaptations to help them prepare for the cold. Throughout Fall, they put on body fat to act as insulation. Beavers also coat their fur in oils to prevent cold waters from reaching their bodies. They work together to gather sticks and branches to build lodges, and seal them with mud and vegetation to create a barrier from both predators and the cold. Indigenous people relied on beaver meat and furs for protection from the cold, and ultimately, their own survival. They prepared for Winter’s chill by setting beaver traps before the waters froze.

So what lessons can we apply to our modern lifestyles? Late Fall is a time to prepare for Winter’s deep rest. Dress warmly as Winter approaches. Covering the body helps to conserve your Qi.

Changes in our solar system happen right before our eyes. The stars and the moon tell a story. How does that story resonate within your life? By challenging and expanding your own perspective, you begin to connect with your true nature. The Universe holds unlimited potential. Can you see your own reflection? Start by finding quiet time in your daily life to connect with universal shifts. Feel that moving energy within you.

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This is an at home practice. Stand with your feet hip width apart. Stretch your arms out at shoulder height.  Make a loose fist and point your thumbs toward one another. Draw your arms back. Close your eyes and imagine you are the Dragon Standing Between Heaven and Earth.