The Gift of Genetics

Every person has two copies of each gene, one inherited from each parent, who, in turn, inherited their genes from their parents, and so on.

You are the current representation of your bloodline.

Your genetic code is a treasure.

Today, there is a much bigger focus on the negative aspects of genetics rather than the positive ones. But positive aspects of genes DO exist. Genes are energetic frequencies that reflect Nature’s laws. They also reflect modern science’s theory of complementarity. The key to understanding the whole is to see that everything is made of both positive and negative energies. In fact, positive and negative cannot exist without the other. TCM calls this the principle of Yin-Yang. In terms of genetics, if you have a gene for a specific illness, let’s say diabetes, you also have a complementary gene to heal it.

What gifts are hiding in your genetic code? Which have you chosen to express?

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