“The whole purpose of Qigong practice is to help you open up, to use your 'Inner-net,' to connect to the unlimited power and the unlimited wisdom of the universe that is called life force.” - Grand Master Nan Lu

Benefits of Wu Ming Qigong

Untapped Energy … Self-Healing … Universal Connections

The body has an innate intelligence to heal itself.  Abilities are determined by the quality of personal Qi and its flow. Qi is the guiding force that informs all your organs, and every aspect of your well-being.  This is where mind, body Spirit healing comes in.

Imbalances begin on the Qi level then show up as physical manifestations of “disease.”  This is also the same place “miracles” occur but we must go to the Qi level to affect this kind of healing. Qigong is an excellent means of stimulating the flow of energy in the body. With consistent guided Qigong practice the mind-body connection is rebalanced and physical and emotional issues resolve. 

Once the body’s energetic wisdom is “re-ignited,” the possibilities are endless. We call it  Healing Without the Mind. This is an exciting aspect of Qigong:  The body is now energized to make decisions about when and how to rebalance itself. 

Benefits of Quality Qigong

With continued practice, there is a deepening of energetic connections to the manifestations of consciousness on the body. The body is liberated to “express” itself without the need for illness and disease.

We suggest that you find a high-level, high-quality master who can guide you on this next part of your journey.

Common Results of Qigong

physical level of healing:

  • Alleviate chronic conditions such as asthma, arthritis, insomnia, pain, anxiety, depression
  • Lower blood pressure, reduce stress
  • Ease and  integrate everyday emotional responses
  • Aid in weight loss programs
  • Increase physical stamina and flexibility
  • Reduce inflammation and alleviate digestive issues
  • Reduce and eliminate signs of menopausal discomforts
  • Increase fertility and reduce risks of miscarriages
  • Reduce the debilitating effects of radiation and chemotherapy
  • Complement treatment for those recovering from surgery, sports injury or traumatic injury

Results on the Spiritual level

  • Shifts in beliefs to understand Universal Oneness
  • Experience the expression of Spirit on the body and mind
  • Living more intuitively
  • Having the “guts” to be on your true path

The beauty of my practice is the after effect.  I call it the after glow.  My body responds as if I gave it some unusual elixir.  Wu Ming has shown me how to move beyond common limitations and explore life.”  – June B.