Blood and Qi

In ancient Chinese medicine textbooks, one of the most famous theories is that of Blood and Qi. They have the closest relationships that mirror the inseparable, visible-invisible, Yin-Yang energies, of all things. What you do to one affects the other, and vice versa. Ancient practitioners understood, “Blood is the mother of Qi; Qi is the commander of Blood.”

The wisdom behind this ancient understanding is that Blood nurtures and supports Qi, or the body’s life force; in turn, Qi supplies the power, intelligence, and messages to propel Blood into all the physical structures where it’s required so it can perform its duties.

Like Yin and Yang, Blood and Qi can never be separated; they are two aspects of one thing—one coin with two sides. They also possess transference capabilities. The characteristics of these substances beautifully demonstrate not only the principle of Yin-Yang, but also Einstein’s theory of E=mc2.

Blood is the material substance that courses through our veins. But without the messages and wisdom of Qi and the power of its flow, we could not live. Without a sufficient quantity and quality of Blood, at the physical level, you cannot create Qi. All the body, mind, and spirit actions you perform in your daily life depend on the value and quality of Blood and Qi. The quality of your Qi helps Blood flow properly throughout your body.

Wu Ming Qigong can help build and strengthen your energy foundation. Over time, this practice helps build the quality and quantity of Blood and Qi, and supports good health.


Excerpted from Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Healthy Metabolism Function by Nan Lu, OMD with Ellen Schaplowsky.

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