Many people are experiencing side effects after they believe they have healed from Covid-19. By looking at the messages your body is sending, you can figure out what’s going on. The body never lies!

Take a look at the symptoms and their location. Even though you no longer have Covid-19, its energy and consciousness is still there. The virus creates an energy effect that fights with your immune system. That’s why you have lingering symptoms. Watch this video for some of Grand Master Lu’s suggestions to allow the body to deeply heal.



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Practice the Four Energy Gates mentioned in Grand Master Lu’s video.


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2 Responses to How to Relieve Post-Covid Side Effects
  1. Very good!!
    Unfortunately *I cannot hear: ginger slice and what? Can you help please?

    • Hi, Marianne! Grand Master Lu said “cut the ginger slices, put it on, and heat up that spot”. He is using ginger slices topically to warm the body. In this case, the specific region is the Kidney point under the foot.


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